Video Meditations

Previously released as audio meditations, this series features Research Associate Professor, Director of UMBC’s Imaging Research Center (@ircumbc) and award-winning filmmaker Lee Boot’s captivating nature footage. Lee Boot’s video meditations were recently featured as “Curated Picks” in Nature Sacred’s monthly newsletters!

About the artist

An image of Lee Boot, an adult, light-skinned bald man with a light brown beard who is wearing clear circular glasses and a blue polo shirt.

Lee Boot is a media artist and researcher and Director of the Imaging Research Center at UMBC. His practice involves bringing values, modes and methods native to the arts into multidisciplinary teams that address challenges such as healthcare and education. The goal is often to help shift how we as a society address these challenges to emphasize storytelling, metaphor and aesthetic experience. Lee‘s work has been sponsored by federal agencies such as the National Institutes of Health, foundations including Surdna and the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, and has been commissioned by the National Academy of Sciences. His work has been broadcast, screened, and exhibited nationally and internationally at venues including the Johannesburg Biennial in South Africa. His feature film, Euphoria, about the cultural, behavioral and scientific aspects of the pursuit of happiness won the Gold Award for documentary at the Houston International Film Festival in 2005. His findings have been published in journals and presented at conferences on art, education, new media and digital communications.


Video Meditation 1 ~ Inner Awareness



Video Meditation 2 ~ Nonjudgment



Video Meditation 3 ~ Peace