Gallery Tours

Adult Gallery Tours

Gallery tours must be scheduled two weeks in advance.

To schedule a gallery tour or request additional information, contact Sandra Abbott by email at

School Gallery Tours

Gallery tours should be scheduled at least one week in advance.

What Teachers Can Expect from a Visit to CADVC’s Gallery Exhibitions
Often gallery worksheets or scavenger hunts are included as activities associated with our gallery exhibitions. Gallery worksheets are intended to inspire closer looking and increase time spent reading and thinking critically about the artwork in the gallery. They usually take 20 minutes or less for students to complete. Worksheets are typically distributed on clipboards to pairs or small grops after a brief welcome and a quick scan of the gallery. Sometimes we define new terms or give out some “hints for discovery” before the team set off into the exhibition with their worksheets in hand.
After the worksheets are completed a group share and discussion rounds out the gallery experience. When possible, an artist or a curator from the exhibition may lead the discussion. Oftentimes a UMBC faculty member, gallery educator, or UMBC art student delivers the gallery experience. These activities aim to incorporate the four C’s of 21st Century skills, which are embraced by the Maryland State Department of Education’s Fine Arts Division. These four skills are essential for modern students to succeed in school and the workplace.

A limited number of free bus trips to UMBC for scheduled gallery tours for K-12 students are available annually. Bus capacity is limited to 44 individuals. Reservations for these free trips are contingent upon the availability of funds and buses.

To schedule a gallery tour or request additional information, contact Sandra Abbott (email: or call: 410-455-1440.)

For tours of the ALBIN O. KUHN LIBRARY GALLERY, please contact Emily Hauver, Curator of Exhibitions of the Library Gallery (email: or call 410-455-2270).