Eliyah Hickman-Warren, ConneXions Middle School, “Happy”

I started to look at my box’s and started to focus on my value. I picked a happy expression for my self-portrait because that’s when I’m the most calm.


Laru Wright, ConneXions Middle School, “My Family Tree”


Monica Heiser, ConneXions, Teacher, “Peace”

Teaching and practicing social emotional learning skills like mindfulness and meditation with my students is very important to me. I chose to draw myself experiencing a peaceful, centered moment. Drawing the shapes, lines, shadows, mid-tones, and highlights of each grid-square as they are, without interpretation, is very similar to meditation. In meditation, we try to see our thoughts, feelings, body sensations as simply what they are. Doing so helps me be at ease and grounded in each moment.


Nolvin Mata-Tabora, ConneXions High School, “Hope”


Z Delly, The Reach! High School, “Changes”


Rogelio Rodriguez-Sanchez, Commodore Middle School, “Untitled”


Justin Fowlkes, “Untitled”