Mixed Media

Rodney Freeman, ConneXions High School, “Proof”

Today people will fight and kill each other over the smallest thing but MLK and Malcolm argued all the time and it never got physical. That to me was an eye opener when I was younger and proof that disagreements didn’t have to lead to pointless violence.


Khalil Taylor, ConneXions High School, “BLM”

My collage focuses on Black Lives Matter, police brutality, and racism. I choose these subjects because they seem to be the main problems most troublesome issues our country faces. My process was a bit off at first but I found out what I wanted to do. First I glued two same sized sketchbook paper together for a bigger size. I decided that for my idea portrait view was the best option. I cut out strips of paper and painted them the colors of dawn. I wanted to give the idea or message of african-americans facing these trails and oppression everyday and I added the black power fist to show that we stand strong no matter what. It was like “another day we survived” type of thing. I added some protest and marches underneath the fist to show people who fight and also people who died to such violence. It was a weird process for me but I like the way it came together.


Aliyah Preston, ConneXions High School, “Breonna Taylor”

I created this collage by combining different elements of words together to symbolize how I feel about the police and the system itself. I also created this piece of art by bringing together a variety of words to represent how African-Americans feel when they interact with the police in their communities who are supposed to protect them but fail to do so time and time again. I choose this social justice issue because many victims like Breonna Taylor and George Floyd never get the justices them and their families deserve.Another reason why I choose this social justice issue because I feel like the police should be held accountable for their excessive force against African-Americans,and how they handle poorly they handle their job which is to serve their communities.


Makayla Colon, Bard High School “Do You Hear Me”

My intention with this piece is to inform people about the struggles of being heard. It is often in some situations assumed that because we as people look the same, we all have the same opinions. In this piece you see these people smushed together, sharing this same hair, having quite similar features but they are all fidgeting in different ways, almost as if they are trying to get out of these predetermined preconceptions about who they are and what their beliefs and opinions look like. Their faces are battered and bruised  to represent the struggle of being heard as an independent individual.


Djuan Jackson, Mergenthaler High School, “Untitled”


Matthew Stokna, “Untitled”