Timothy Fisher, Baltimore, “Self- Portrait”


Hernandez-Paula, Posas, “We Can Change the World”

Malala Yousafzai inspired me to create this monument. She persevered and showed strength. My monument has one of her most famous quotes “one child, one teacher, one book and one. pen can change the world.” The pencil reminds me of education and how important it is so the shape of my monument is a pencil. I want  my monument to be in a beautiful and peaceful place that’s why it has trees around it. Thank you for reading.


Rye Pierre, Roland Park Middle School, “We Have RIghts”

The place where the text is (it says ” This is the 100th anniversary of the women’s rights movement! Celebrate our rights!”) isn’t part of the 10×10, just the two drawings. This drawing is supposed to show that women have had rights for 100 years, and we are still counted out of things. For example, society won’t let us play football because we’re too “fragile” or “delicate”. This is garbage. If men can do it, women can do it. Another example: lacrosse. Boys get to play rough and tackle and check and bump into each other. For the same reason women aren’t allowed to play football, we aren’t allowed to be tough or rough when we play lacrosse. They make way more rules for girls, and it’s unnecessary and EXTREMELY sexist, even if you don’t think you’re doing anything.


Godine-Allysson Juarez, Lakeland Middle School, “Stop Cyber Bullying and Body Shaming”

My statement of this art is about cyber bullying and body shaming the reason i made this is because it happens a lot in real life and its really sad but this is my art to represent my voice to stop that we need to spread positivity and not negativity.I decided to it because its really unfortunat when that happen to family’s so i wanted to turn it into art.


Tiffany Ramirez, Lakeland Middle School, “Voice Matters”

I did this drawing by thinking that theres a lot of people who doesn’t  take care of the place where they live and dont really start thinking about animals animals also have feelings and we have to take care of turtles and other animals in the water and on the world


Robert Grande, Lakeland Middle School, “Our World”

My art work is about how our world and society is just falling apart. People believe anything and that why I put the free tv’s. People don’t respect everyone’s beliefs, thats why I put the Biden flag with paint because it’s my belief and some people don’t agree with it. I put the masks in the water because people don’t know how to correctly discard the things they use through Covid-19. And I out the factory on fire because we as a society are harming the earth and polluting the air. And I put the pipe pouring brown water into the already dirty water because people dump oil and petroleum into the water.


Lexie Eblaghie, “Our Voices Matter”

We are all beautiful. We are all humans. We all deserve to be heard. We are unique.


Luke Cronin, “Wear Your Masks”

People need to start wearing masks or else corona will last much longer, and personally i hate corona, so let’s wear our masks and get through this!


Kaylie Tallon, “Self Portrait”


Mina Brunelle, Roland Park Middle School, “Our World is a Gift”

We need to protect our world and stop acting like we own it. The world is a gift given to us to protect and cherish. If we don’t maintain it’s beauty and life, we can’t go anywhere else. It is time for us to step up and take care of our world together.


Auriel Skinner, Roland Park Middle School, “Speak Yourself”

i love what i have done even if it may seem crazy it is how my thought process goes everyday having my mind on different and unusual things


Kamiah DeVaughn, Baltimore City, “BLM”

So i did this because of whats happening around the world


Landimber Lopez, Lakeland Elementary Middle School, “BLM”

Digital drawing in canvas, #BLM


Rachel Orozco, Lakeland Elementary, “Stop Polluting and Save Animals”

My intention is to let people know that we should stop polluting the world and stop throwing trash on the streets or anywhere because then the trash goes into the drain and into the ocean and it affects all the animals because they either eat it and think it’s food or they get stuck on the trash. Something that inspired my work was seeing the trash on the streets and seeing pictures of little baby animals getting stuck on different types of trash. I want the viewer to know that I care about the environment and about the animals who can get hurt because of our bad choices that we sometimes make.

Imara Colbert, Wildwood Elementary Middle School, “Untitled, 1”


Imara Colbert, Wildwood Elementary Middle School, “Untitled, 2”


Ashley Holmes, Wildwood Elementary Middle School, “Untitled”


Mujtaba Abbas, Glenmount Middle School, “Untitled”


Alani Street, Glenmount Middle School, “Untitled”


Eniya Rayford, Glenmount Middle School, “Untitled”


Marie Mason-Rhayne, Glenmount Middle School, “Untitled”


Lia Stearns, Glenmount Middle School, “Untitled”


Ny’lai Lovitt, Glenmount Middle School, “Untitled”


Dominic Robinson, Glenmount Middle School, “Untitled”


Dylan Jones, Glenmount Middle School , “Untitled”


Mackenzie Lucas, Glenmount Middle School, “Untitled”


Raylen Stokes, Glenmount Middle School, “Untitled”


Lucas Tyler, Glenmount Middle School, “Untitled”


Taliyah Martin-Smith, Glenmount Middle School, “Untitled”


Fontera Gholson, Glenmount Middle School, “Untitled”


Antwain Watson, Glenmount Middle School, “Untitled”


Chandler Stuckey, Glenmount Middle School, “Untitled”


E’mmoni White, Glenmount Middle School, “Untitled”


E’mmoni White, Glenmount Middle School, “Untitled”


Tiffany Hinton, REACH High School, “No Means No”


Star Perry, REACH High School, “Untitled”


Jayme Ruiz, ConneXions High School, “LGBTQ and Black Lives Matter”


Zy’Kenya Turner, ConneXions High School, “More than a Hashtag”

I mostly wanted to use simple black and white images to get my point across because they give off a serious tone and have a contrast that really draws the eye. I wanted my message to be bold and in your face wherever you look at my collage so I used many of the same and similar images. BLM is more than just a hashtag. Its more than just a protest. It’s a continuous state of mind that should not be argued. This shouldn’t be political. Black Lives Matter is a movement.


Tallicia Reid, ConneXtions High School, “Something Beautiful”

The woman in the middle represents every  person, especially black people, affected, and traumatized, by a person death from police brutality. Fear. Wondering if this would be the day they get pulled over, to be shot and killed by police. Or wondering if they’ll die on this little jog they’re gonna do today.


Franke Cedillo, Lakeland High School, “Deforestation of a Tree”

i was inspired by artists Alexis Rockman art work they were so creating and fun i want to do similar idea like Mr. Alexis Rockman i create art work of deforestation of tree because it important to have tee without we will not able to breath air right it  important not to burn and cut to many tree before you can hurt plants and animals home and plus us. want the viewer to know about this artwork because it important to have tree because we need tree to breath healthy air and to live.


l’jahnae Spence, Merganthaler High School, “Impulse”


Tatiana O’Connor, Mergenthaler High School, “Maria’s World”

My intention is to be subtle and relatable but also empowering to my peers and many others.My work was inspired by 2 of my top idols my close aunt and an artist that goes by the name of hwa sa to me they are both beautiful, confident, and hard working I aspire to be like them in these ways.I want everyone that views my art to know that it’s ok to not be ok you’re not always gonna look 100% and that’s ok be nice to yourself and others and remember it starts with you.


Zy’Kenya Turner, ConneXions High School, “More Than a Hashtag”


Faith Sloan, Mergenthaler High School, “Untitled”