Colored Pencil

Dattaprasad Arsekar, Roland Park Middle School, “Saving My Earth”

My visual artwork is trying to tell that we can make our world a better place as a whole by ending and stopping global warming. I gave 3 ways of being Eco-friendly that can help to end global warming which is by recycling, reducing, and reusing. Make our Earth green and healthy back again!


Oscar Spotte, Baltimore, “Baltimore VS. Baltimore’s Potential”

This artwork shows what some places in Baltimore are like and what they could be transformed into.


Janel Cotten, Commodore John Rogers Middle School “Untitled”


Keyli Salazar Franco, Commodore John Rogers Middle School, “Untitled”


Janel Cotten, Commodore John Rogers Middle School, “Untitled”


Breidgam Ainsley and Penelope Tsendeas, Roland Park Middle School, “Girls4STEAM”

Breidgam Ainsley: I collaborated on this piece with Penelope Tsendeas. We believe that girls can do anything they set there minds to no matter how big the goal especially in STEAM! Many girls are pushed away from STEAM in the world and they need to believe and others need to believe that girls can pursue it. We want to uplift the girls who are told that STEAM is a guy’s “thing” because that is not true no matter who tells you. Be who you are and don’t be afraid to use your talents and voice.

Penelope Tsendeas: Myself and a fabulous girl named Ainsley Breidegam collaborated on this piece. We believe that girls can do anything they set there minds to no matter what anyone says about it! That’s why we made are piece represent Girls 4 Steam.


Kayla Harper, ConneXions High School, “Bee Yourself”

I like the flower and added it to my community mural design because it is beautiful and gives me joy. I hope my neighbors and other people living in Baltimore feel this joy when they see my mural.


James Jenkins, The Reach! High School, “Words are Strong”















Leiva-Arly Melgar, Lakeland Highschool, LGBTQ Equality

I decided to draw this because I feel like everyone should be equal. Yes, there are lots of problems going on in the world but LGBTQ+ isn’t talked about that much. I feel like just like other things are taught in school the Pride community should be too. Not everyone agrees with this but we should all at least respect them. We are all people. We deserve equality and they deserve love.


Isaiah Lewis, Mergenthaler High School, “Untitled”