Listen to Zachary McFadden’s (Merganthaler High School) audio, “Dad,” here.

I made this poem while being inspired by another poet I have the opportunity to talk with. She talked about emotions and how we can express ourselves through our words. I made this to express feelings I’ve had about my father. He’s always been a huge inspiration in my life, and this poem is a thank you to him.

Listen to Skila Stokes’s (Mervo High School) audio, “All About Me,” here.

My name is Skila Stokes. I am a 17 year old Mervo student. My intention was to tell you all about me! Having the freedom to talk about myself inspired me! Please enjoy!

Listen to Abdullah Barber-El’s (Mervo High School) audio, “To My Brother I Love Dearly,” here.

Poem about my deceased brother. Same name, merely twins.