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Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park


Above are four images of the Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park (JPSP). The first two images include groups of UMBC students in the park during autumn. The third picture shows part of an art installation–a single tree with fallen branches placed up against the base of its trunk. The fourth image shows a JBSP summer yoga class in progress.

Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park is on the south side of campus between the RAC and Hilltop Circle.

About the Park

The Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture produces diverse programming for the Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park. Programs offered in the park include an ongoing series of workshops for metro area K-12 students, UMBC student activities and classes, UMBC Wellness initiatives, community restorative yoga, and site-specific visual art installations and live music and dance performances.

Through the generous support of, the initial funder of the park, and UMBC, CADVC has been able to present these programs free and open to the public for the last 20 years!


“The true capital of the world is the human ability for creativity, freedom and self-determination in all their
working places.”
  Joseph Beuys


Joseph Beuys Tree Partnership Project

Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) was an influential German artist who came to prominence in the 1960s. He is known for his performances, sculptures, environments, vitrines, prints, posters, and thousands of drawings. He was a charismatic and controversial artist, a committed teacher, and a political activist.

Beuys highlighted the need for greater environmental awareness across the globe through his ongoing social sculpture project entitled, 7000 Oaks. With the help of and over 20 organizations in Baltimore, 7000 Oaks inspired the planting of hundreds of trees and several stones by over 500 people in Baltimore Parks and at the UMBC sculpture site in 2000-2001. More information and images are at this link.


Joseph Beuys Tree Partnership Journal


This image shows an open  journal with writing in it.


A closed green journal lies on a bench in the park.

At the Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park at UMBC, there
is a bench, which contains a blank journal. This journal provides visitors to the park with a forum in which to
write or to sketch. Over the years these public journals were collected, scanned, and archived at CADVC. Some of those entries are here for viewing. Please be advised
the journal has not been edited in any way and may contain content of a serious or adult nature. Parental guidance is advised.




UMBC 2001-2010 Journal Entries in Downloadable Spreadsheet

  • Internship Opportunity

    Off-site Intern Opportunity Promoting the Park w/CADVC Staff

    May 20, 2020 6:15 AM

    The Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture, UMBC is offering an off-site internship opportunity this summer 2020. An internship at CADVC is taken for a letter grade and can be taken for one credit or up to six credits a semester, repeatable up to 12 credits. Each credit is worth 40 hours.

    Summer interns will be fully integrated into the off-site work that CADVC staff have been involved in since the campus went online in mid-March. As such it is important that interns have reliable online access and know how to use collaborative files on Google Drive and BOX.

    Interns will be expected to attend weekly online meetings via WebEx and to be available for occasional unscheduled phone calls or virtual meetings during the business day. Hours and dates of the internship are flexible. Accommodations can be made for time off for travel or to extend internship summer hours into the fall semester, etc. as needed.

    As with all CADVC internships the student must register for PRAC with the UMBC Career Office and for ART 498 CADVC Internship after receiving permission to register by the CADVC supervisor. CADVC Internships are awarded on a competitive basis, so you must attend a virtual interview and be accepted in order to register for the internship.

    To apply, please send your resume, the completed (first page only) of the attached form, and a cover email letter to In the email state what you want to accomplish with a virtual CADVC internship this summer and write "INTERNSHIP - (your name)" as part of your email subject line. Also attached here are some documents listing various project ideas. Please comment on any that may be of interest to you in your email as well.

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